Final Fantasia
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Zack Fair
Zack Fair
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Την / Το Παρ Ιουν 03, 2011 12:28 am

Το έβλεπα στο δημοτικό όταν πήγαινα νομίζω στο ΕΡΤ3. Είναι βασισμένο σε κλασσική νουβέλα. Δεν έχανα επεισόδιο τότε, πολύ ωραίο Very Happy

Alternative title:
El Jardín Secreto (Spanish)

Himitsu no Hanazono (Japanese)

Mary e il giardino dei misteri (Italian)

Secret Flower Garden

Si Mary at ang lihim sa hardin (Tagalog)

Tajemniczy Ogród (Polish)

The Animated Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

الحديقة السرية (Arabic)

アニメ ひみつの花園 (Japanese)



Plot Summary:
Mary Lennox recently became an orphan because her parents died from a cholera epidemic in India so she was sent to live in England with her uncle. However, her uncle is a very distant man who talks to noone so she is left alone in the mansion with nobody to play with. Soon she meets a friendly servant boy named Dicon and his older sister Martha and they soon become good friends. Later on she discovers a secret garden and hopes it will bring happiness to her new family, including her cousin Collin who is crippled.
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